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Short production chain, high quality and locally grown products.

Our business is a short production chain. This means all the production stages (from the forage cultivation to the packaging of our products) take place within our farms and our workshop.

The milk is monitored with full cycles of exams, which test the compliance with all the standards, and then transported by insulated tanker to the cheese factory. Here, salt, rennet and starter cultures are added to the milk and the transformation process begins. The capable hands of our 2nd generation cheese makers fit in with the highest concepts of quality and self-regulation.

During the stages of starter culture inoculation, curdling and shaping, according to the cheese type, it is very important to constantly monitor the product for its taste and authenticity.

After curdling, the cheese goes throught the finishing precesses of kneading, shaping ald salting, which can be by immersion in a water and salt solution or direct application if and when required.

Finally, the product is placed and stored in the cold rooms and sold.

These are the stages of the production process, but much more is done to always provede a production in compliance with the hygienic quality rules through strict cleaning and control procedures and also a stable temperature in the rooms in order to guarantee the maintanance of the cold chain.