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Caseificio Ceirano Villosio Cuneo


Since 1870, only quality products


Our history

L'Villosio farmis located in Scarnafigi, in the province of Cuneo, where for four generations he has worked the land following simple criteria, handed down with love from his grandfather "Nale" and integrated over the years with cutting-edge technologies that have allowed us to shape the territory in therespect for the "land-breeding" relationship.

A favorable climate

Themild climate, the morphology of the land and the presence of some watercourses make the land particularly suitable for the cultivation of forage, an essential food for the cows to produce milk with an unmistakable aroma that characterizes the flavor of our cheeses.

A controlled supply chain

All stages of production, from the cultivation of the forage to the packaging of the products, take place within our company system: in 2015, in fact, the agricultural activity consolidated the process of"short supply chain"thanks to the merger with theCeirano dairy, founded in 1870 in Scarnafigi. The diet, the breeding method and the care in the processing of the raw material are essential for defining the aroma of the cheese and giving it unique characteristics of flavor and genuineness.

Stagionatura formaggi Caseificio Ceirano Villosio

Tradition and innovation 

The alfalfa we produce represents oneessential source of vegetable proteinfor feeding dairy cows as it contains fibre, vitamins and minerals. The milk produced is transported to our factory where the fourth generation,specialized in dairy production, has refined the processes while maintaining the quality of the typical production intact. The milk, with the addition of only natural elements such as salt, rennet and ferments, is transformed by the skilful hand of the cheesemakers. The curd is still manually turned in the cloths until the desired consistency and shape is obtained and then it is transferred to salting which can take place by immersion in brine or by direct application. The product thus obtained is ready for the seasoning which differs according to the type of cheese to be obtained, both in terms of timing and method.


The seasoning process

Even during theseasoning processthe cheeses undergo profound transformations under the constant care of the employees who, weekly, turn the wheels by hand and treat the rind in order to give it the typical appearance that we are used to seeing on our tables.

Awards of artisan excellence

Thanks to the experience gained and the high quality of the products, since 2004 the company has been awarded with the recognition of "ARTISAN EXCELLENCE FOOD SECTOR DAIRY TRANSFORMATION PROCESSof the Piedmont Region.

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