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Caseificio Ceirano Villosio


Our new headquarters

Bestiame ad Alba


The project includes theconstruction of a buildingto a floor above ground consisting of foundations in cs above which abearing structure in galvanized steelwith roof covering in insulated pre-painted sheet metal. We will not proceed with the construction of fixed infill walls so as to ensure a better exchange of air and ventilation of the premises to improve the housing conditions of the animals especially during the summer. We will also proceed with the preparation of the structures of the windproof sheets for any needs in the winter months. The flooring of the whole building will be made of solid concrete and the cleanliness of the same will be guaranteed by means ofsewage suction robot, equipped with a special well for unloading the same and for automatic recharging. Inside, the building will be equipped with berths for resting the animals, self-capturers, drinking troughs and a feed lane for their needs and, moreover, 2 automated milking parlors will be built using robots.


The building in question, on one floor above ground, will havefoundations in approxand galvanized metal structure with roof covering in insulated pre-painted sheet metal. The infill walls and internal partitions of the building will consist of insulated pre-painted sheet metal panels of the Isolpack type or similar. The following rooms will be built inside this building: skimmer room, heating plant, salting room, dairy, static cold room, ventilated cold room, packaging room, covered loading area. In addition, staff service areas will be created, such as men's and women's changing rooms, showers, anterooms, toilets, hallway and common entrance. The building is completed by the construction of a connecting corridor between the various rooms. 

Organizzazione dell'ufficio bianco


The planned property will consist of aprefabricated structureon a floor above ground inside which a room will be created for office use serving the farm and a room to be used as a shop to the public for the sale of farm products. The structure will be of the modular type with a galvanized load-bearing metal frame, walls in sandwich panels of the Isolpack type or similar, flooring in ceramic tiles and coverings, where necessary, in ceramic tiles and resins, easily washable and disinfectant._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

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