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Produzione formaggi Caseificio Ceirano Villosio


Short supply chain, high quality and km 0 products


Our farm is one“short” or “zero km” supply chain. It means that all stages of production (from the cultivation of forage for the cows to the packaging of our products) take place within our farms and our dairy.

All themilk producedit is checked with complete cycles of analyzes proving compliance with legal standards and is transported to the factory via insulated tank. Here, through stainless steel pipes, it is mechanically unloaded from the tanker and introduced into the processing tanks, so as not to be contaminated by the environment until production.


The processing stage

In the'processing areathe milk, with the addition of salt, rennet and ferments, begins its transformation phase, in which the skilful hand of cheesemakers, who have been working it for two generations, marries with the most valid concepts of quality production and self control. During the phases of inoculation of the enzymes, curdling and molding according to the types of cheese, the continuous monitoring of the product is very important which, called the production batch, is guaranteed for taste and authenticity._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

The finishing stages

After curdling, the milk is directed towards thefinishing stageswith the process of stretching, forming and salting which can take place by immersion in brine or by direct application where foreseen. Finally, the finished product is placed in cold storage and/or sold directly.

This is the path of the product but much more is done to always guarantee oneproduction according to hygiene and quality standardsthrough strict washing and control procedures, on maintaining the temperature in the cells in order to guarantee the maintenance of the cold chain.

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